Here are some fun jokes you can play on your co-workers, family and friends with these Computer Air-Fresheners...


First, download and install the wallpaper of your choice on your computer's desktop from the links at the left and right. If you need them, here are some instructions on how to do this. After you have the wallpaper installed, invite your "victim" to check out a new program. You can say: "Hey come in here and check out this new program I just downloaded. It's just like those car air-fresheners you can buy, go ahead, smell it." After your victim actually leans in to try to smell the air-freshener on your computer monitor, you can laugh at and mock them for weeks.


An enhancement to this joke...

Download and install one of the "Lemon Scented"  or "Pine Scented" Air-Fresheners on your computer, or if you have access, your victim's computer.

Then look around your home or office for a "lemon scented" cleaning product like furniture polish, lemon oil, or perhaps pick up a lemon slice at lunch.  They usually have them around for ice-tea.  For the pine scent, look for an evergreen tree outside your office.  Pull off a few of the fresh needles.   Either crush them in your hand, or put them on a paper-towel and nuke them for a second or two in the company microwave oven. Gently dab it the lemon or pine scent on to your monitor over the Computer Air-Freshener wallpaper.

Then try the joke above and watch your victim's reaction when they actually smell the lemon or pine! A variation would be to do this joke to someone else's computer when they are not there. Watch their reaction when they return to their computer. A note of warning... We are not experts in computer monitors, so it's possible that you can harm your monitor by putting any substance on the surface of the monitor. Do so at your own risk. We tried it with a small amount of Lemon Scented Pledge and it worked fine.

Yet another enhancement to this joke...

Hide a video camera and capture your victim's reaction. Play the tape at your next party. Or, if you're at work, leave a copy of the tape with your victim's boss. Leave it with a note saying: "I often see him sniffing his computer monitor, I think he needs professional help."

Plus, if you do get a good reaction on video and are someone who can convert that video into MPEG, Quicktime, or AVI, we'll post it here. Just drop us a line and we can arrange to get it online.

Here are some of the e-mails we have received from folks who have tried the prank

I work for an insurance company and am in charge of our Windows NT LAN.  I downloaded your Lemon Computer Air-Freshener and put it into a small executable (.exe) program that would load it as the wallpaper on a user's work station. 

I then posted a note on our company Intranet telling everyone about a new experimental air freshener program we were trying out.  I asked them to download it and then e-mail me so that I could "activate" it on our system.

By that afternoon five people e-mailed that they had downloaded the program.  That evening I stopped by a local car wash and bought five lemon scented car air-fresheners.   I went to my office and to the cubicles of the five people who e-mailed me.  I taped a lemon air-freshener to the bottom of each of their computer keyboards.

The next morning the Computer Air-Fresheners were the talk of the company.  I even had one of my victims tell me the lemon smell was a little too strong, could I please "turn it down".  I finally let everyone in on the joke, and the prank was even written up in the company newsletter.  Lucky we have management with a sense of humor.


Subject: Air Freshener gag

Well, I think I just pulled the funniest thing I've ever done..

I tried your gag with the computer air freshener and some cleaner that smelled like lemons.. I had a three co-workers standing here in disbelief.. of course, I was laughing so hard I gave it away after a time, but one was standing here going "I have seen it all, I just don't believe it".. then she smacked me.. it was worth it..

Thanks for the tremendous laugh!!



Send us an e-mail.   We want to hear about your prank!


We've all seen them.  Usually hanging on the review mirror of a car.  Looking like a luggage tag, and usually smelling of lemon or pine.  Well how about an air freshener for your computer?  We have the tradtional fragrance of Pine and Lemon, but how about "The Smell of Fear"?

All The Computer Air-Fresheners
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Our two most popular...

Two Day Old Pizza Box
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Smells Like Teen Spirit
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