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Graduation Day Prank

By Stewart Rae

Sometimes, the best pranks are spontaneous ones, which require no more than a devious idea and a little clever planning in order to result in absolute chaos.

It was graduation week at my university, and the campus was even busier than usual, with many proud parents wandering around the campus with their graduating sons and daughters, and graduation events occurring for every faculty in the university. Some unfortunate council workers were caught in the middle of this bustle, and were busy trying to dig a hole in the lawn of the administration block, to get to a blocked water pipe or something similar.

All it took for me was a devious little thought to instigate the prank. As I walked past, watching the workers dig their hole in the lawn, I thought, "what if these guys were not really council workers, but students digging a dirty great hole in the lawn outside the administration block?"

From my privileged position as a postgraduate student, I had access to a private telephone extension in the postgraduate study room of our faculty. The study room was on the second floor of a building adjacent to the administration block, and had a clear view of the grounds to the front of the administration block where the workers were digging. After one carefully worded phone call to the local Police station, I was ensured that several officers were on their way. I had informed the local authorities that a bunch of students were engaged in a prank that had simply gone too far - they were posing as council workers in order to get away with digging a huge hole directly in front of the administration block of the campus.

The phone call alone may have been enough, but my plan was not quite complete. I then walked up to the council workers and put on my best administration staff member act. I informed them that some police officers were about to come and tell them to stop digging and move on. I told them that these officers were, in fact, students dressed up as Police officers, who are planning a graduation prank.

I then retired to the study room, and observed from the safety of the second floor the massive argument that resulted, as police and workers both firmly stood their ground. It was a full hour before both parties realised that they been tricked. During some moments of rather heated opposition, crowds of up to five people deep gathered to watch the confrontation.

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