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Prank Printer

By Winston Chou

It was finals time and everyone was on edge. I was in a group meeting in computer lab. I decided to use a prank from alt.shenanigans to get a good laugh. If you know someone with a HP laser printer with the little LED display, you can change it to any message using PJ language. Anyway, I changed the standard "00 READY" to "16 COOLANT LOW." The first person to see it nearly bugged out. He ran to the help desk and got a student assistant to check it out. The assistant was baffled and played with everything. He pulled the paper tray, checked the toner, checked the fusing unit, and even turned it on and off. Each time I simply redisplayed the message. Soon he called in several technician to check it out and they were equally baffled. To top it all off, I changed the message to "18 FIRE WARNING." Everyone looking at the printer practically jumped out of their shoes!!! Since it was finals time and the school couldn't afford to take down a printer because of the printing volume, they kept it on. Oh, before the technician left, he gave everyone a suggestion, "IF THAT DAMN THING STARTS SMOKING, JUST RUN, SCREAM, DUCK AND COVER, WHATEVER. JUST GET AWAY FROM IT."


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