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On your UltimateMegaSuperExcellentSearcher page you have the search options: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, and Aesthetics. What do these four words mean ? --


Well, maybe if you spent less time cruising the 'net and a little more time studying classical philosophy as I did for six and a half years you'd know. I have a Doctorate in Western Philosophy from the University of Michigan and what did it get me? Sure, I had the second interview for the associate professorship at Stanford but departmental politics ruined that one. So instead of teaching Socrates through Kierkegaard I'm putting on the blue oxford cloth shirt and khaki pants renting out videos at Blockbu ster. I'd rather be discussing Berkeley and his epistemological view of phenomenalism. But I find myself helping some pimply faced teeny-bopper pick out Brad Pitt videos for her slumber party. Hey, I'm not bitter. I accept that this is what fate decided for me. But if one more giggly girl comes up and asks me for "that movie where Brad pit takes off his shirt, rides a horse and cries" I'm going to have to start bringing a gun to work.


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