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How do I download the graphics on your page and make them my Windows 95 Desktop Wallpaper?


If you are using Netscape 4.0+ or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0+ it's very easy.   Find the graphic you like, put your cursor on the graphic, Do a right mouse click   (you usually use the left button, but this time click the right mouse button).   A dialog box pops up and one of the choices is "Save as Wallpaper".   Choose this and the graphic becomes your wallpaper.

If you have an older browser or want to set up a sequence of wallpapers you will need to convert the GIF's and JPEG's to BITMAPS.  To do that you will need to do several things. 

You will need a graphics program that converts JPEGS and GIFS into Windows Bitmaps. Windows 95 will allow only Windows bitmaps to be used as wallpaper. There are several graphics programs available as shareware or freeware. The program we recommend is called LviewPro. You can download it at LviewPro will open just about any format you can throw at it. It probably would open a can of soup if you asked it to. After you have dowloaded and installed Lview Pro (or similar program) you are ready to go.

A suggestion would be to go to your windows Explorer and create a folder called "Wallpaper." We will use this folder later.

You also will need a cold Budweiser beer (over 21 yrs. old) or a cold caffeine free Diet Coke (under 21 yrs. old). If it is before noon your local time or if you are at work the beer might not be a good idea.

Third, now listen carefully THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, you must crack all your knuckles before you start. We know it's a disgusting habit, but if you don't do it nothing you read below will work.

Now you're ready.

On any page that shows a large (640x480 or 600x800 graphic) find one you like and click on that link. The graphic page will be recalled (shown) by your browser. Position your mouse pointer over the large graphic, do a right mouse click. On Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer you will see a right mouse click menu choice called "Set As Wallpaper". Choose that option and the picture is now your wallpaper. If you would like to save the picture to your hard drive and convert it to a bitmap, choose the right mouse click menu called either "Save Image As" (Netscape) or "Save Picture As" (MSIE). The graphic is now saved on your hard drive.

Now that you have saved the graphic to your hard drive you may want to convert that graphic from either a JPEG or GIF into a bitmap.

Open your LviewPro (or similar) graphics program. Again in the upper left corner is the pull down menu "File." Under "File" pull down the choice "Open." When prompted choose the "Wallpaper" folder and the graphic you downloaded. Highlight the graphic and click on "Open." You now will see the graphic you downloaded. Next, Under the "File" pull down choose the item "Save As." You now will see a new choice called "save as type." You will want to choose "Windows (*.bmp)" Click on the "Save" button. You now have converted the JPEG or GIF into a BITMAP. Pat yourself on the back!

Now, to make that graphic your wallpaper, one more step. At this point you could trash the rest of this e-mail and go to your Windows 95 Help section and look up "wallpaper, displaying" and follow what the folks from Redmond have to say. Or we can give it a go.

Put your cursor on the desktop. Click and hold your right mouse button. From the pop-up menu choose "Properties." Up will pop your desktop choices. Choose the tab labeled "Background." "Browse" until you find the bitmap graphic you just created. The program will show you a preview, click "OK" and it is now your Wallpaper graphic.


If you are unfamiliar with any of the terms above check your Windows 95 "Help" section for definitions.

Plus, there are programs available to rotate your wallpaper graphics. has a page that offers links to many of these programs.

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