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I downloaded several JPEGS off this site, some convert fine to other formats, but I get the message "corrupt file" or "file type not recognized" or "unable to convert" on some JPEGS. Why?


The simple answer is that the graphics or browser program you are using is too old. It doesn't recognize the format "Progressive Encoded JPEGS". Both the Web formats GIF and JPEG are systems of compressing the information making up a picture file. To make the file smaller to download more quickly. The technical wizards that are able to figure these things out came up with a new "progressive" JPEG which saves a picture as a smaller file. We decided to put our graphics on a diet a while back by using the progressive format. Since we have been cranking out the graphics since 1995 some of the pics are in the "old" JPEG format and some in the "progressive" format. So what you need to do is download and install a version of Netscape 2.0 or later, MSIE 3.0 or later. If you are having trouble with a graphics program get the latest copy of it or try one of these programs:

Windows: Lview Pro or Paint Shop Pro

Macintosh: ProJPEG or Transmogrifier

The standard disclaimer applies here. Download and install the programs above at your own risk. We don't have personal experience with them all, but do know they handle Progressive JPEGS.


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