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Memorable Summer Jobs

The Hut's Employee 'O Dough Month

by Tom Young

I was working hard at my food service job. I don't like to drop names so let's just say it was at the hut where they sell pizzas, okay? Anyway, I had worked there for almost a year, and by now was getting a tad upset that I never been given the Employee of the Month award! What was up with that ?!? I, in my own opinion, was the only one that actually WORKED there. Sure others received a paycheck, but most of the time they stood around.

It was then I noticed that anyone who received the coveted award would soon be fired, quit, or go into hiding.

The first month we started it the winner (Tony) was put back into jail. The second month's winner was hit by a car and had to quit. Next month's winner moved to Alaska to be near his brother. June's winner left town overnight....we still don't know why! July's best employee pulled a gun on an off duty policeman while delivering him a lovely 'zah (No tip there I bet). The next month's recipient was arrested on the premises for taking drugs in the lobby's restroom. By now I had had enough of slinging dough, and chose to leave to become a substitute teacher. That month I won.

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