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BGQ: Bill Gates Quarterly We recently received our first copy of the new magazine Bill Gates Quarterly. It's a magazine dedicated to giving his fans the latest news on the feisty Microsoft chairman. We scanned in the cover of the magazine so that you can proudly display it as your desktop wallpaper.

Bill Gates Quarterly
for 640 x 480 monitors (JPEG 44k)

Bill Gates Quarterly
for 800 x 600 monitors (JPEG 67k)

By the way...Here are some photos of Bill when he visited a New York Comp USA store. You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page. You would think Microsoft would at least hire a professional photographer to take the pictures. We don't know which is more shocking, the poor quality of the pictures, or the fact that Microsoft thought anyone would actually want to see them.


What do you get when you mix two computer companies, Sun Microsystems and Apple Computers, with a popular soft drink?


(640 x 480 JPEG 64k)


Powerbook on fire A while back Apple had a problem with their top of the line Powerbook. Several of them burst into flames! Kind of gives new meaning to the term "flamed." The problem was later traced to a bad battery pack and they were replaced.

This graphic harkens back to an old Apple advertising campaign..."What do you have on your Powerbook?"

The Flaming Mac

(640 x 480 GIF 30k)

Microsoft logo with the caption:
"Microsoft: Where The Hell Do You Want To Go Today?"
JPEG (29k)

Microsoft logo with the caption:
"Microsoft: Where Do You Want To Go Today? Wherever Mr. Gates Wants Us To."
JPEG (33k)

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