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Is it a visitation?     Perhaps a sign?

Strange Crop Circles

Strange Crop Circles discovered near Seattle...

(640 x 480 JPEG 74k)    (800 x 600 JPEG 75k)

So are you ready to make the ultimate OS commitment? How about a tattoo featuring your favorite computer system! Well if you're not quite ready to go that far you could have one painted on the back of your black leather motorcycle jacket. No leather jacket? I guess you could just download 'em and use them as desktop wallpaper.

Two hearts with an arrow through them. "I Love Win 95."

JPEG (36k)

Apple logo skull with crossed swords. "Macintosh Marauder."

JPEG (25k)

Skull with "Born to run Unix."
JPEG (29k)

Same as above but reads "Born To Run Linux"
JPEG (36k)

Picture of a Rose.
"World Wide Web Wanderer."

JPEG (24k)

What if you take a little Windows 95, mix in some Mac OS, and add a bottle of Smirnoff vodka?
A drink recipe from Kutt Niinepuu, the...

Win95/Mac Vodka Cocktail
(800 x 600 JPEG 49K)

Win95/Mac Vodka Cocktail
(640 x 480 JPEG 45K)

Tamagotchi For Windows Tamagotchi For Macintosh

In an effort to put their operating systems in just about everything, both Microsoft and Apple have introduced a new OS for the Tamagotchi. You can keep the the little egg alive while running powerful programs like Office 97 and Adobe Illustrator. Who needs laptops and palmtops when you can hang a computer around your neck?

Tamagotchi For Windows
(640 x 480 JPEG 24K)

Tamagotchi For Macintosh
(640 x 480 JPEG 23K)

Tamagotchi For Both Windows and Macintosh
(800 x 600 JPEG 45K)

Tamagotchi For Windows In Japanese
(640 x 480 JPEG 17K)

Tamagotchi For Windows Tamagotchi For Macintosh

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