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Sort of like a D-J at a wedding...we're taking requests! No, we don't have the "Chicken Dance". But we do have two advertising graphics that make fun of IBM's OS/2. Back by request...

OS/2 Advertisements

(640 x 480 GIF 32k)

The Start Button logo: Start Spending Money
JPEG (33k)

In Japanese JPEG (41K)

Special thanks to Akiba RYU for the translation.

The Start Button logo: Start Getting Frustrated
JPEG (33k)

The Start Button logo: Start, Ctrl + Alt + Del
JPEG (32k)



Recently we had our first experience with a suspected computer virus. It was time to buy some virus protection. It may not have been such a good idea to buy it from a guy selling programs out of the trunk of his car at the local Flea Market. He told us it was the real Norton AntiVirus, even though the floppy was an old AOL disk with a taped-on label.

We can't offer you the program, it crashed our hard drive then jammed the floppy drive. But here is a screen shot of the start-up graphic.

Ed Norton AntiVirus For Windows 95

Ed Norton AntiVirus For Macintosh

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