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Plus Steve has taken to wearing inspirational T-shirts at the Apple offices. Take a look at some of the slogans and submit one of your own.

The Emperor's New Clothes, Steve Jobs' T-Shirt Collection

Steve Jobs: What? Me Worry?

Plus two other Apple-Microsoft graphics...

Apple Gumplings: "I'm not a smart man, but I do know that I trust you Bill."
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Apple logo, Think, Duh!

Apple Computer has a new advertising campaign that urges you to "Think Different". We just want to know what the heck they were smoking when they dreamed up this strange concept. Here's our impressions of the campaign that Steve Jobs hopes will keep Apple from being shut down...

Think black and white photos of historical figures that most people couldn't name if their life depended on it.

Think Gandhi, Einstein, Edison. Did they use a Macintosh? Um, no.

Think selling computers. Does the new Apple campaign have anything to do with it?

Hey Apple...

Think, Duh!
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Think, Duh!
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In December of 1995 Apple Computer had a problem with their PowerBook computers bursting into flames. Back then we did a parody graphic of their desktop Hibachi. So we were surprised by their new U.S. advertising campaign where they say "We apologize for toasting the Pentium II processor in public." Combine their "fire" theme with their recent "Think Different" theme of using historical figures and we came up with...

Toasting the Pentium II
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Toasting the Pentium II
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