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'Tis the season for giving.
Just be sure the feds and the state attorney generals get a lump of coal this year.

Bill Gates' daughter Jennifer visits Santa Claus
(640 x 480 JPEG 35K)

Bill Gates' daughter Jennifer visits Santa Claus
(800 x 600 JPEG 55K)


The dreaded "Blue Screen Of Death" Microsoft calls their new OS "Windows ME: Millenium Edition" with the line "Better Living in the Digital World".  Yea, right.  If you're a long time Windows user like we are you are all too familiar with the Fatal Exception screen, better known as the "Blue Screen Of Death".  So our version is...

Windows MFE: Multiple Fatal Exceptions
Better Living with the Blue Screen Of Death
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Both Macintosh and Windows 95 proponents claim their systems are easy to use and flexible. For the most part they are. But have you ever tried to import data from one system to another? Put a Mac formatted disk in a Win95 and it immediately asks if you would like the disk reformatted. Mr. Gates doesn't talk to Mr. Jobs/Woz. But put a Win disk in a Mac and it works! The Icon that pops up on your desktop begged for a little change. Edwin Hermann sent along his versions. Install them on your Mac...

The Original Icons: The New Versions:

In the movie Forrest Gump, Forrest bought what he thought was stock in a fruit company....

"My momma always told me 'life is like a box of chocolates, you never know when you're going to lose $700 Million in one quarter.'"

Apple Gumplings

(640 x 480 GIF 32k)

Intel Inside - Idiot Outside

If you are a Windows 95 or NT user we ask you to try some self-deprecating humor; the ability to make fun of yourself. But if you're a Mac Fanatic it's pretty easy to make fun of those so called "Wintel" folks. If you've got....

Intel Inside, Idiot Outside
640 x 480 JPEG 31K)

Intel Inside, Idiot Outside
800 x 600 JPEG 41K)

Special thanks to Tony Leroy for the idea!


It's the latest over-hyped Intel Processor, the Pentium III.  It's fast and it's also controversial because it sends out a serial number that others can pick up as you cruise the Web.  So perhaps instead of saying "Intel Inside" it should say...

I'll Tell Outside
(640 x 480 GIF 18K)

I'll Tell Outside
(800 x 600 GIF 24K)

I'll Tell Outside
(1024 x 768 GIF 37K)

I'll Tell Outside
(1280 x 1024 GIF 40K)


All Anti-Trust 24 Hours A Day: MSDOJ

It's the new premium cable channel yours for only $1 Million a day. It's...

MSDOJ: All Anti-Trust 24 Hours a Day
640x480 JPEG (31k)

MSDOJ: All Anti-Trust 24 Hours a Day
800x600 JPEG (46k)

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