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Whether you call it "keyboarding" or "typing" we all spend hours hunting and pecking on our computer keyboard. If you were classically trained on those keys you will probably remember the practice sentence that uses all the letters in the alphabet

Fox jumping over a Dog

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

We wondered what if that sentence was rewritten in a different style. Here are two examples...

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
(if it were a Hollywood action movie)

640 x 480 (42k)     800 x 600 (59k)

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
(if it were written for the politically correct 90's)

640 x 480 (40k)     800 x 600 (54k)


Some called it the trial of the century. They said the whole world was watching. Perhaps it should be amended to say the whole universe was watching. The Mars Pathfinder discovered...

Proof there is no intelligent life on Mars
(640 x 480 JPEG 31K)

What's funny about a serial murderer?    Nothing.

Is this graphic in bad taste?    Yes, probably.

But would that stop us from making it anyway?    No.

Bonnie & Clyde? No, Bonnie Cunanan

The reports that suspected serial murder Andrew Phillip Cunanan was eluding police by perhaps dressing as a woman combined with the famous cross-country crime spree of Bonnie & Clyde gave us this idea...

Bonnie & Cunanan
(800 x 600 JPEG 43K)

Bonnie & Cunanan
(640 x 480 JPEG 27K)


Nike is a shoe manufacturer that fancies itself as a social revolutionary. If John Lennon were alive he'd be wearing Nikes. Yeah, right! They also create controversial advertising. Their latest shows an athlete vomiting. If you haven't seen it, count yourself among the lucky. Here's a graphic that combines their new theme with one of their old ones...


(640 x 480 JPEG 15k)



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