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Ralph Lipshiz renamed himself Ralph Lauren and had the world wearing the word "Polo" on all their clothes.  We wondered if Tommy Hilfiger is using his real name.  Or perhaps his name is based on a childhood practical joke...

Hey Tommy, Pull My Finger
(640x480 JPEG 102k)

Hey Tommy, Pull My Finger
(800x600 JPEG 119k)

Or perhaps you would like to show all those status seeking wimps who are clothed from head to toe in "Tommy" what you really think of them...

Hey Tommy, Middle Finger
(640x480 JPEG 102k)

Hey Tommy, Middle Finger
(800x600 JPEG 119k)



If you're a man who enjoys paying more to wear some company's logo on your shirt, then you're a...

(640 x 480 GIF 66k)


Do you work for a company that has a PC in every office, cubicle, and on every desk. Maybe occasionally one of your co-workers drops by to talk, or give you a memo, etc. Sometimes you're not at your desk. Human nature being what it is, they may sneak a quick look at your screen to see what you're working on. Well, next time you can get them with this: a wallpaper graphic with the text tilted at a 90 degree angle.

You look really silly tilting your head so you can read what's on my computer screen. What are you doing in here when I'm not around? Now you're getting in real close to read the fine print... or maybe look at a few papers on my desk! well....
Don't come back in here again or I'll have you fired!

Fired GIF (31k)

Same as above but with the word "sacked" in place of "fired."

Sacked GIF (31k)

George Michael and chair Pop singing star George Michael recently got into a little scrape with the police in Beverly Hills, California for holding onto his Pee Wee Herman in a public restroom. Maybe he was just thinking of rewriting his most recent tour slogan from "Explore Monogamy" to "Explore Onanogamy". Press reports say he did not proposition the undercover police officer. He was quoted in some reports as saying: "Honest officer, 'I want your sex' is the title of one of my songs!".

In the 1980's George was half of the pop sensation Wham! Back then he often appeared in videos wearing a T-shirt with the slogan "Choose Life". With this recent incident he might add to that slogan...

Choose Life...
640 x 480 JPEG 30K

Choose Life...
800 x 600 JPEG 30K

musical note Zip me up before you go-go, I'm not planning on going solo musical note

American Talk-Show personality Kathie Lee Gifford is in the news again. Back in 1996 the co-host of the nationally syndicated program Live With Regis and Kathie Lee was criticized for allowing her custom label line of clothing to be manufactured in a Honduran factory that employs child labor. It was reported that the children were paid as little as 31 cents an hour in deplorable conditions. Now, the same sweatshop conditions were found in a factory in New York City. Last year in a tearful statement on her television program she proclaimed:

"You can say I'm ugly, you can say I'm not talented, but when you say I don't care about children and that I will exploit them.... How dare you?"

To minimize the damage of the revelation, Gifford's agent quickly announced two new projects for Kathie Lee. First, the release of a new CD: "Songs For My Juvenile Employees." Second, a Carnival Cruise Lines "theme cruise" to Honduras. The cruise will feature as on-board entertainment, an adaptation of the musical play "Les Miserables." It will have more of a Latin theme and the title "El Miserable Little Niños." The adaptation extols the virtues of proper makeup and good hair spray to improve one's life. The musical will star Gifford, her husband Frank, and children Cody and Cassidy.

Gifford also has agreed to stop production of her clothing at the Honduran and New York City plant. She will now personally make every garment she sells. Her first effort is this T-Shirt:


640 x 480 JPEG 43K    800 x 600 JPEG 50K

Many kids, and grown up kids, have the NINTENDO 64 video game system on their Christmas list. But we have a better system! Join Sister Mary Elizabeth and fight the devil with...

for 640x480 monitors

for 800x600 monitors

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