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Take a couple of hot stars like Sandra Bullock and Chris O'Donnell and mix in a Academy Award® winning director Sir Richard Attenborough. Set your movie during the drama of World War One and what do you have: In Love and War.

Or perhaps...

In Love and Bore
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The neXt Files
(640 x 480 GIF 47k)

The neXt Files
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One Swine Day

Following the success of One Fine Day starring Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney and the popularity of certain "animal movies", a new movie that combines the two genres...

Babe and Arnold Ziffle star in

One Swine Day
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One Swine Day
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Web TV - Dead TV

In the news...Microsoft bought Web TV. Microsoft's other attempt at melding television and the web is MSNBC. MSNBC's premier web show is the o-so-hip and o-so-vapid; The Site. The Site is what we like to call "Hamburger Helper Television", programming that exists just to fill out an hour. It could be one of those shows in the Bruce Springsteen song "57 Channels and Nothing's On." With Web TV the song's the same but there are a lot more channels with nothing on.

Web TV, It's Dead TV
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Web TV, It's Dead TV
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