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Gillian Anderson in Gillian's X-Files Island

musical note The ship set down on the shore of this uncharted desert isle, with Gillian and David Du, a millionaire and his wife, the movie star and the rest are here on.... musical note

musical note Gillian's X-Files Island musical note
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musical note Gillian's X-Files Island musical note
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StripCheese, The Movie

One of the big movie flops of the summer of '96 was "Striptease."

Dinty Moore is the canned beef stew. Demi Moore is the actress whose summer movie gives new meaning to the advertising slogan "Got Milk?"

Demi Moore stars in..

"She cheddar clothes on so many magazine covers that nobody wanted to see the movie."   --- Desiree Paroo



Be Bald, Bad and Beautiful!

The new movie G.I. JANE is a big hit. Unlike her last big movie that stunk like a bad chunk of Limberger cheese, Demi Moore's latest is making big bucks. You may not be able to do one-armed push ups, or look that good in a tight T-shirt, but you can join the club with the hottest hairstyle since Jennifer Aniston plugged in her curling iron. Join up today...


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