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He should have kept his pantz zipped up.

Bill Clinton stars in the movie PANTZ
(640x480 JPEG 48K)

Bill Clinton stars in the movie PANTZ
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She went on national television and said that the Monica Lewinsky accusations were all a part of  "vast, mean-spirited, right-wing conspiracy is trying to undo the results of two elections".    So in light of her husband's confession of an "improper relationship" we wanted to ask her....

Hey Hillary, still think it's a "vast right wing conspiracy"?
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Hey Hillary, still think it's a "vast right wing conspiracy"?
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It's the famous "little blue dress".  Is it the dress that will bring down a President? Is it the dress Monica wore when she went down, we won't finish that sentence.   Does it contain "evidence" of an encounter between Monica and Bill?  Questions yet to be answered.  But we did find out that Monica purchased the dress online from a well known women's clothing retailer.  Here is a screen capture of the Web page that offered the dress that Monica wore during the alleged encounter.

Monica's Little Blue Dress
(640x480 JPEG 62K)

Monica's Little Blue Dress
(800x600 JPEG 62K )

They only have one hundred and one members; one hundred senators plus the Vice President.  They've been called the most exclusive club in the United States.  They also have a reputation for doing little... except when responding to the needs of Capitol Hill Lobbyists.  Take the names from two popular children's movies and you have...

101 Dolittles
The United States Senate



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