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It's the most popular restaurant in Washington and Beijing....

Bubba Bill's Chinese Take-Out
(640 x 480 JPEG 32K)

Bubba Bill's Chinese Take-Out
(800 x 600 JPEG 45K)



For most people the Year 2000 problem is a question of whether computers, programmed to recognize years as two digits, will recognize the year 2000 as 1900.  For Vice President Al Gore who will run for President of the United States in the year 2000 it's a completely different problem.

President Clinton solves the Year 2000 Problem
(640 x 480 JPEG 67K)

President Clinton solves the Year 2000 Problem
(800 x 600 JPEG 132K)



First it was Monica Lewinsky being banished from the White House to a job in the Pentagon. Now there is a report that another alleged former lover of the President was forced to leave the White House for a job at the Pentagon....

As our country is on the brink of war
with Iraq our Commander-In-Chief makes
an urgent phone call to the Pentagon...

Phone Call To The Pentagon
(640 x 480 JPEG 43K)

Phone Call To The Pentagon
(800 x 600 JPEG 66K)

Could this have been one of the gifts sent to Bill by a certain former White House Intern?

Tickle Me Monica
(230 x 402 JPG 26K)

Tickle Me Monica

Intern Barbie - My Knees Bend

Or perhaps Monica sent a gift to Chelsea, forgetting she might be a little too old to play with Barbie dolls...

Intern Barbie
(640 x 480 JPEG 16K)

Intern Barbie
(800 x 600 JPEG 26K)

Thanks to Ginger Bea for the graphics.


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