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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. Monica's left him. What's a President to do?

Bill Clinton's White House Valentine
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Bill Clinton's White House Valentine
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Former V.P. Dan Quayle

Often politicians will say something they regret, then later say their quote was taken "out of context". Former President George Bush wrote in his diary that within days of selecting Dan Quayle for the 1988 vice presidential nomination, Bush wrote in his diary: "I blew it." Bush representatives later claimed the quote was taken "out of context".

Former Vice President Dan Quayle gave an interview to USA Today back in April 1996 where he talked about discipline. In that interview he said:

"a swat on the bottom every once in a while to get their attention is perfectly appropriate."

He actually was talking about parents disciplining their children. But we ignored that fact and made a joke graphic that took that direct quote way out of context.



U.S. President Bill Clinton's 1998 State Of The Union address was somewhat overshadowed by his alledged "union" with a particular former White House college intern, Monica Lewinsky. Did they make whoopee in a room just off the Oval Office? Did they make naughty phone calls to each other, and if so, what was said???

Transcript of White House phone sex call
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Transcript of White House phone sex call
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Plus, an excerpt from Monica's White House internship application form.

White House Intern Application
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White House Intern Application
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Did the President quite literally get caught with his pants down? Some are calling it...

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