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Bill Clinton, extra curricular activities, and a college intern spell trouble in...

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Bill Clinton, Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers star in...

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In the news lately...lots of folks paid to have coffee with President Bill Clinton. So, what brand of coffee did he serve?

Clinton Maxwell Whitehouse Coffee

Clinton's Maxwell Whitehouse Coffee
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Clinton's Maxwell Whitehouse Coffee
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Vacancy at the White House?Did President Bill Clinton exchange a night's stay in the White House Lincoln bedroom for a minimum $100,000 campaign contribution? What do you think? We think Bill and Hill are just getting a little head start on their post presidential career options.

Read a letter from someone who spent the night in the Lincoln bedroom, or just take a look at their souvenir postcard...

Greetings From Bill & Hill's Bed & Breakfast
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Greetings From Bill & Hill's Bed & Breakfast
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Whitewater.  FBI Files.  Picture of Clinton, That Thing You Didn't Do.

In entertainment news... The New York Post reports that John Travolta will receive $15 Million to star as the southern governor who runs for president in the movie Primary Colors. Primary Colors is loosely based on President Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign. Travolta agreed to do the role after Tom Hanks bowed out. The Post reported that President Clinton asked Hanks not to take the role.

It's well known that Hanks is an active supporter of President Clinton's reelection. But it is not generally known that Clinton was originally chosen to star in Hanks' directorial debut, the new movie, That Thing You Do! Here's a poster from the movie as it was originally intended with Bill Clinton as the star.

That Thing You Didn't Do!



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