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There are no secrets when bytes fly through the air. That's why it wasn't surprising to us that hackers had intercepted alpha-numeric pager messages from staff members at the White House. We found three of those messages rather interesting.

The Prez wants a Big Mac

V.P. Gore's new code name

Marv Albert at the WH Halloween costume party

(640 x 480 JPEG)

White House Pager

The Prez wants a Big Mac

V.P. Gore's new code name

Marv Albert at the WH Halloween costume party

(800 x 600 JPEG)

White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry responds to a reporter's question on "beeper" privacy during a press briefing Sept. 22, 1997

MR. MCCURRY: "I think this has been a reminder to all White House staffers that they need to be both discreet and professional in their communications of whatever sort. Flowery letters with perfume tend to work a lot better." (Laughter.)

Politicians all over the world have discovered the World Wide Web. Whether it's The President Of the United States, The Prime Minister Of Israel, or even the dictator Of Iraq, they all have Web sites.

Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, has his own web site. Mr. Blair's Labour Party has it's own site as does the opposition Conservative Party. But we found that Conservative Party leader William Hague has his own personal home page on America Online. Here is the address for his site:

UPDATE:  The Hague site on AOL has been removed.   Here is a news story about the original site.

Plus, a slighted skewed version from our U.K. correspondent...

President Clinton and his new dog "Jan-Jan"

Very interesting developments in Washington, D.C....

U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno resigned under pressure for not appointing a special prosecutor to investigate 1996 presidential campaign finances irregularities. In her resignation speech she said she was tired of all those House and Senate committee investigators "nipping at her heels".

Over at the White House, President Clinton introduced his new dog. White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry said:

"It's the president's desire to have one loyal friend in Washington."



Bill Clinton is the Fibber

Robin Williams stars in the new Disney re-make of the classic movie "Flubber". It's a little known fact that President Bill Clinton was considered as a possible star of the movie with a slightly different title...

Ronald Reagan was the "Gipper" and Bill Clinton is the "Fibber"...

Fibber (640 x 480 62k)

Fibber (800 x 600 94k)


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