Translation Of The Acronyms used in the WWW Rap

Forgot the PIN for my ATM had to KO the trip to the record sto, Yo! Saw a VO Head on CNN 'bout SSL to buy NIN, no BFD! Pulled up my BVD's dialed my ISP did the PPP to the W-E-B. Bopped to did the solid key said the UPS gonna deliver me. A-S-A-P, Yo! I got my NIN but I'm SOL on the STP. So the SSL on the W-E-B's no OTO for this phat ho-mie. Chant: U-R-L, U-R-L, U-R-L. Yo, U-R-L, U-R-L...

PIN: Personal Identification Number.

ATM: Automated Teller Machine.

KO: Knockout.

sto: Slang abbreviation for store.

VO Head: TV News terminology. The anchor Voices Over (reads over) videotape of a news event. This tape leads into a Head bite (the video of a newsmaker talking about the news event). Also called a "talking head".

CNN: Cable News Network.

SSL: Secure Sockets Layer. Part of the technology that encrypts your creditcard number making on-line purchases "safe".

NIN: Nine Inch Nails, a vastly overrated rock group.

BFD: Big F***ing Deal.

BVDs: A brand of underwear.

ISP: Internet Service Provider.

PPP: Point to Point Protocol. Odds are that you are viewing this page via a graphical browser it is thru the wonders of PPP or SLIP.

W-E-B: Worldwide WEB. Uh, duh, really? A large western U.S. music retailer.

solid key: Denotes a Secure Server Site. If you look in the lower left corner of your Netscape browser you will see a broken key. If this key becomes solid, you are on a secure server.

UPS: United Parcel Service. The folks in the big brown truck.

A-S-A-P: As Soon As Possible

SOL: S*** Outa Luck

STP: Stone Temple Pilots, a vastly underrated rock group.

OTO: One Time Only

phat: slang word meaning cool (having style)

homie: Short for "Homeboy". Slang word for person or friend.

URL: Uniform Resource Locator. A Web address. That http:// thingy.

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