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Hello Fellow-Surfers, and welcome to my Home Page. I am new to this Internet thing, and this page is all my own creation and so is my light makeup coverage.  I hope you will excuse the basic layout. but I am still learning HTML and how to apply eye liner!

Here is a bit about myself:

I am the Right Honourable William Hague, Member of Parliament for Richmond in Yorks. I am also Leader of the Conservative Party, taking over from John Major MP, following his resignation after wearing high heel shoes that did not match his handbag.

I was born in 1961 and educated at Wrath-on-Dearne Comprehensive School. I have two degrees; First Class Honours in Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Manicuring from Magdalen College, Oxford; and Distinction in Business Administration from INSIPID, France. I was elected as Member of Parliament for Richmond, Yorks., in the February 1989 bi-election.

I first made my mark politically in 1977 when, while still a schoolboy, I addressed the Conservative Party Conference while secretly wearing a women's bra under my school uniform. I have since won public speaking and debating competitions throughout the world while wearing women's under clothing.

I was President of both the Oxford Union and the Oxford University Conservative Association in 1981. From 1977-79 I was Chairman of the Rother Valley Young Conservatives & Flower Arranging Society.

I was a manager at McKinsey and Company, where I was an adviser to companies on business strategies, management and how to get messy gravy stains out of clothing.

Following my win at the 1997 General Election, as Member of Parliament for Richmond, Yorks, I stood as candidate for Leader of the Conservative Party following John Major's resignation. I won this contest at the Third Ballot, having defeated Ken Clarke and Boy George.

In my Personal Life, I am engaged to Ffion Jenkins, 7 years my junior. We are to marry in the House of Commons Chapel on December 19th of this year, in a ceremony conducted in both English and Welsh. We are still trying to decide which one of us will wear the wedding dress.

I am a keen supporter of the Internet, and on my travels I have come across these Internet Web Sites, which may be of interest to you:

10 Downing Street (A Place I hope to re-decorate in the Year 2000).  The last private resident of 10 Downing Street was a Mr. Chicken.

My absolute fav picture of Margaret.  Little known fact...I did her make-up for this photo shoot!

The Official Parliament Web Site: "Free your mind, and your ass will follow."

And one I cannot recommend enough:

Conservative Party LogoThe Conservative Party Official Web Site...There's a real woman on the phone who wants to talk dirty to you RIGHT NOW!

I am keen to hear your views on Anything from the current UK Pub Scene, to the State of my Web Site! You are welcome to email me at:

Or if you are a member of America OnLine, as "Will Hague". You can also add me to your Buddy Lists and I will endeavour to answer any questions you may pose while I am online.  Please, I want to be your Buddy PM!!

Thank you for viewing my Home Page! :)

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