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1.   Why does regular Swiss cheese have holes and Amish Swiss cheese not? Just wondering.

2.   In Windows 95,What does "Plug & Play" stand for?

3.   On the Survey page it mentions a usenet news group called "" I can't seem to find this newsgroup. Does it really exist?

4.   On your UltimateMegaSuperExcellentSearcher page you have the search options: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, and Aesthetics. What do these four words mean ?

5.   On the television program The X Files has Agent Mulder ever smiled?

6.   Your have a graphic that features Dan Quayle. Who is Dan Quayle?

7.   I read recently that Microsoft's Windows 95 has been made the official standard operating system of the People's Republic of China. I also read that the new "campus" at Microsoft is called "RedWest." Communist China and RedWest? Coincidence? Maybe not. What does "Comrade" Gates have in mind? Maybe a little world domination?

Serious FAQ | Submit a Q to the FAQ

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