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Last Updated September 18, 2001
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With frequent use the "Osama bin Laden Urnial Mat" will become as yellow as the coward himself.

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The new Steven Spielberg movie is called A.I., Artificial Intelligence.   But we wonder...who really is that "person" in  White House?

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We need your help.  We came up with the picture above and titled it "Bill Gates in Geekiator".  But we can't think of a good caption.  Got an idea?   Click here to send it in.

Here are some of the captions already sent in and the wallpapers we've created...

Curse you, Linux Maximus!
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My name is Billimus, husband to a busted trust, father to a crashed OS, and I will have my vengeance in this app or the next.
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Prepare to meet thy blue screen of death!
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newflashxr2.gif (3015 bytes)  Error Occured On Sword.  Blade May Become Unstable. Reboot Sword.
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Heh-heh, he's using MS-Armor ME. He's going down!

Take that, you Justice Department thug!

Hey, Janet Reno looks kinda hot in that armor!

Aren't you taking this "splitting in two" thing a bit too far, Judge Jackson?





So what is Firestone going to do with all those "voluntarily recalled" Wilderness SUV tires?  How about a sale!
It's the Firestone End Of Summer Blow Out Sale with rollover saving on their "killer" tires.

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Thanks to Larry Chan for the idea!




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"Osama bin Laden Urnial Mat"

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