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One of Mobile Computing Magazine's Top 101 Web sites October 2001...
"Although the humor on this site is far from sophisticated, what geek could resist transforming their desktop with a Windows-style 'Microsoft Titanic '98' backdrop? Download from a selection of 300 or read about various mean-spirited pranks, all for a measly $2"



Yahoo! Most Popular Computer Humor Web Site Not only does Yahoo! consider JokeWallpaper.com a "cool" site, but also has us listed as the most popular computer humor site on the Web.



Mentioned in the Louisville Courier-Journal in the Technophobe column June 6, 2000.


From The Indianapolis Star, Section E, Page 1, Tuesday November 16, 1999
by Marc D. Allan

Microsoftner: Steve Kremer of Carmel boasts that he runs the Web site The Washington Post called "actually kind of lame."

Anyone else would want to keep that quiet. But Kremer dishes out the jibes on his site - jokewallpaper.com - so he'd better be able to take 'em.

Jokewallpaper.com is his place to make fun of corporations - mostly Microsoft, timely in light of the court decision that could break up Microsoft's virtual monopoly. Using photos and graphics, Kremer has posted images of a CD-ROM called Microsoft World Domination, Monopoly cards dealing with Microsoft and an image of Microsoft founder Bill Gates on Mount Rushmore.

He also has a few cease-and-desist letters from corporate attorneys, as well as his mocking replies. "If you make fun of lawyers, people really like that," he says.

Kremer, 38, is a former producer at WISH (Channel 8). He left in 1995 for a career in Website design and now works in e-commerce for One Call Internet in Carmel.

The job takes up most of his time, so jokewallpaper.com doesn't get updated as often as he'd like. Still, he says more than 100,000 people visit the site in an average month.

"I think of something funny, I make a graphic and boom! I'm getting e-mail from 70 different countries," he says. "I cannot believe how international the Web is. I started writing jokes, stuff I thought was funny and now I'm linked to sites from Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, China, Russia, the Ukraine - all these non-English speaking countries. I had no idea how totally universal computer humor is."

A November 8, 1999 article about the Microsoft Monopoly court decision on the site for the German magazine "Der Spiegel".  The article is illustrated with one of our graphics.


Ziff Davis' Inter@ctive Week Magazine Whispers Section, May 20, 1999

Dare To Be Different

Help this brilliant idea become reality!  Whispers fan Steve Kremer, proprietor of JokeWallpaper.com (www. jokewallpaper.com), wants to send his entry to the upcoming Whispers Best Freebie Contest -- contact The Ear for more information -- but he can't find anyone willing to manufacture it, due to trademark concerns. Those with legal nerves of steel and/or experience with plastics production should surf to www.jokewallpaper.com/html/259.htm. Otherwise, this inspired novelty for Microsoft haters -- at least the male ones -- will sadly go down the drain.

From the April 1998 issue of PC Magazine, WEB KAHUNA's April Fool's Jokes

Great Walls of Ire
If all this is getting a bit too nasty for you, you can always limit your April Fools' trickery to changing someone's wallpaper and start-up/shutdown screens. The best collection is at www.jokewallpaper.com. My favorites are Ed Norton Anti-Virus and an MIB (Microsoft Is Back) movie poster with Bill in the Tommy Lee Jones role. The site has complete instructions on how to change wallpaper and boot-up/shutdown screens. But if you want to do it in style, download the $10 LogoCycler.




Where do you want Bill Gates to go today?


"Me discover fire, invent wheel, build NT Server," the Neanderthal on the screen-saver says, and you know you aren't at a normal Web site. This silly, sometimes wicked little site offers savagely funny screensavers, start screens and shutdown screens for Windows and Macintosh computers, all downloadable for free.

There's a little wit and lots of gall behind many of these images, which can't seem to stop poking fun at Bill Gates, Microsoft, Apple and Steve Jobs. The Titanic/Windows screensaver, for example, illustrates what many critics would like to see Microsoft experience. You can download and install opening and closing Windows 95 pages that ask you to wait while Microsoft drains your checking account.


Ziff Davis' Inter@ctive Week Magazine (Vol. 5, No. 3 Jan. 26, 1998)
Page 66 (inside back cover) "Hyperspace Noise"

Cookies for Netscape? One well-traveled humor site on the World Wide Web recently took up the Netscape Communications Corp. vs. Microsoft Corp. duel now being thrashed out in court (www.jokewallpaper.com/html/ 166.htm). Its offering concerns Bill Gates' daughter, Jennifer, offering Santa Claus some cookies. The caption at the bottom: "It's homemade cookies, Santa. You can have them only if you agree to use Internet Explorer 4.0 on all your computers at the North Pole." The item seems to be generating traffic from at least one corner of the country. The Web site owner reports frequent visits from a certain Internet software company in Mountain View, Calif.



pcnovice-2500-best-sites.jpg (9680 bytes) From PC Novice Magazine's "Guide to the Web: The 2500 Best Sites" (Vol. 6 Issue 7, June 1998. Page 59)

Sick of humorless Web sites?  In the best tradition of Mad Magazine, this site offers poster-style parodies of high-tech, popular films, ads, and actual E-Mail from worried corporate lawyers concerned that clueless surfers might mistake a parody page for the real (boring) thing.



From Sunday Times Business Times South Africa Oct. 5, 1998


"If the appearance of the default Microsoft Windows desktop leaves you feeling a little limp, so to speak, give it a lift with one of the wackiest wallpaper collections onthe web. The assortment, downloadable from Joke Wallpaper (www.jokewallpaper.com/whatsnew.htm), features the "logo" of a new "product", "Viagra-Seltzer", calculated to calm some of the body's organs as it, um, inflames others. "

( link to the Viagra-Seltzer Graphic, scroll down, middle of page )

A mention of our conspiracy theory parody "Elvis Shot JFK - We Have Proof" on the CNN Interactive Web site. Plus, "Microsoft Parodies Abound" from C|Net (December 15, 1997).

Plus an article from The Washington Post about our Elvis Shot JFK parody site.

Included in a list of parody sites from the Sept. 15, 1997 issue of The Los Angeles Times.   Also listed in The Houston Chronicle January 9, 1997.


An mention of our phone call to Ralph Nader in the October 1997 issue of the German magazine Der Spiegel (in German, last paragraph).  Here's a link to the Nader story from our site.


www.gif (2284 bytes)

JokeWallpaper.com as the "Green Couch of the Week" on the TV Show "The Wild Wild Web".

Also featured on the ZD Net TV show "Call For Help: Answers & Tips".


From the May 1997 Issue of PC World, Cover Story: The Best Free Stuff Online

Dress Up Your Desktop

You're in control--that's why they call it a personal computer. From downloadable desktop themes to screen savers, these sites provide the tools you need to make your computing environment as idiosyncratic as you are.

Windows 95 and Mac Joke Wallpaper

This site features humorous desktop "wallpaper" as well as start-up and shutdown screens for your Windows 95 and Windows NT systems. The images poke fun at everything from the Dalai Lama to our friends in Redmond--such as a shutdown screen that says, 'Please wait while your computer electronically transfers the balance of your checking account to Microsoft'.

FAMILY PC Magazine February 1997 (Page 154)

Gigabrain's Goofy Computer Tricks:
Wacky Wallpaper

desktop tattoo: I Love Win 95 How would you like to emblazon your desktop with a tattoo that flaunts your undying loyalty to the platform of your choice?   We put together images from the Web page Windows 95 & Mac Joke Wallpaper for you to download. There's the "I Love Win 95" heart tattoo, the "Mac Marauder" skull and crossbones, and the "World Wide Web Wanderer" rose tattoo. Other images include "Mac OS R.I.P., "Where do you want to go today? Wherever Mr. Gates wants us to," and a button saying "Start spending money" and "it's now safe to turn off your brain." To get the images go to FamilyPC@aol.com or to www.familypc.com. If you have a Mac, use TIFF files; if you have Windows use bit-map (BMP) files. In Windows, put your cursor on the desktop. Click and hold your right mouse button. From the pop-up menu, choose Properties. Choose the tab labeled Background. Use the Browse option to find the bit-map graphic you saved. Click on OK, and now it's your wallpaper. For Macs, cut and paste your file into your Desktop Patterns file in the Control Panel. And if your folks ask you to help out around the house, tell them, "I just finished putting up some new wallpaper."

The Washington Post feature on August 19, 1996 called "OUCH!"



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