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While You Were Out

Little pink "While You Were Out" telephone notes used to be a big part of the business world.  Now with voice mail, e-mail, pagers most messages are electronic not paper.  What if the "While You Were Out" notes entered another dimension.  Perhaps....

While You Were Passed Out Drunk
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While You Were In Treatment For Paranoia
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More a social commentary than a humorous graphic...

O.J. Simpson trial jurors, lawyers and witnesses discuss their book deals

(637 x 411 JPEG 63k)

 Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, that's what an erection is

Combine one of the biggest selling antacids with the newest prescription cure for impotence and you get...

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(800 x 600 JPEG 42K)

Cannibal Patch Kid It's the classic Hollywood horror movie come to life. A doll turns on its owner and starts eating the child's hair. But this time it's real. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is now investigating the "Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kids" doll after repeated attacks on children around the U.S. Read the official CPSC statement or download our graphic...

Cannibal Patch Snacktime Kids
They don't mind getting a little hair in their food!
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