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The new Steven Spielberg movie is called A.I., Artificial Intelligence.   But we wonder...who really is that "person" in  White House?

w-i.jpg (3972 bytes)

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ALTOIDS are the "curiously strong peppermints" while ALGORETOIDS are the "curiously boring political peppermints".

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Nicolas Cage may be Gone In 60 Seconds.  But no matter what, Bill Clinton is...

Gone In 6 Months

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Vice President Al Gore looks like he is going to be investigated again for alleged campaign financing irregularities.   Back in 1998 he was interviewed by the FBI about a particular meeting where illegal fund-raising was discussed.  He said he was at the meeting, but may have missed key discussions because he frequently visited the bathroom after drinking too much iced tea.  Oh what a convenient excuse.  It ranks right up there with "My dog ate my homework."

We thought that maybe Mr. Gore could market his special blend...

Al Gore's "I gotta Pee Iced Tea"
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The President of the United States is the leader of our country.   In some places the King is the leader of the country.  Usually President's and Kings tell the truth.  Sometimes they do not.  Here is a video for all you kiddies, our animated feature...

Lyin' King II
Bubba's Pride

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Lyin' King II
Bubba's Pride

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It's the book that tells her side of the story.  She looks so sweet and innocent on the cover.  Really, she was just a victim.  Yeah, right!

Andrew Morton's Monica's Story
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Andrew Morton's Monica's Story
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Andrew Morton's Monica's Story
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They once were two "Lawyers In Love".  Now the only thing that keeps them together is politics.  What if it became just like the popular movie "You've Got Mail"? but it was...

You've Got A Divorce Petition
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You've Got A Divorce Petition
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Both CNN and The Dallas Morning News are reporting it, plus the FAA has issued a warning.  Will Viagra alter your blue-green color perception?  Could this adversely affect not only pilots who push buttons but also the man who has his finger on the button?

Viagra and the Blue and Green buttons at the White House
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Viagra and the Blue and Green buttons at the White House



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