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Cheat, Steal, Screw, Monopolize:  Microsoft Survivor It's the hit TV show of the summer.  CBS's Survivor.  The premise is a group of people are left on a remote island to fend for themselves.  They whine, complain, and bicker while we watch.  This is entertainment.  Although, on the first episode they were forced to eat rats for dinner. Yum. Occasionally they get together in a "tribal meeting" to vote one member "not cool enough to be in the group".   Sounds like high school, doesn't it? 

We wondered what if we combined the idea behind Survivor with another recent news story.  What if a group of Microsoft executives were put on an island...

Microsoft Survivor
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Folks have e-mailed us asking for the Microsoft Survivor Logo full screen.  So by popular demand....
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It's the gender-bender romance of the 1990's.   Richard Simmons and Ru Paul star in...

You've Got Male
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You've Got Male
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godzilla-feet.gif (3605 bytes)

It's being billed as the movie event of the summer of 1998. Godzilla starts stomping on movie theaters on Memorial Day weekend.   The movie is based on the old Godzilla movies from the 1960's.  We have uncovered exclusive artwork that shows perhaps the idea actually goes back back as far as the 1500's!

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In the movie "Superman", Lois Lane asks Superman a question about his X-ray vision: "Can you tell me what color my underwear is?"   Superman answers: "No", but later simply says "pink".   Ever since our misspent youth leafing through comic books with advertisements that sold "X-Ray Glasses" we have dreamed of a Superman vision.  Now there are news reports that suggest we may get be able to get the vision.   First "exposed" in a Japanese men's magazine then later confirmed by Sony, one of its Handycam models allows X-Ray vision.

It could be the ultimate "HandyCam".  We're sure it won't be long until videos start showing up on the Internet shot with...

Sony's Nakedcam Sony's Nakedcam
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Sony's Nakedcam Sony's Nakedcam
8000x600 JPEG (63k)


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