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So what is Firestone going to do with all those "voluntarily recalled" Wilderness SUV tires?  How about a sale!
It's the Firestone End Of Summer Blow Out Sale with rollover saving on their "killer" tires.

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Thanks to Larry Chan for the idea!



We've all seen them.  Usually hanging on the review mirror of a car.  Looking like a luggage tag, and usually smelling of lemon or pine.  Well how about an air freshener for your computer?  We have the tradtional fragrance of Pine and Lemon, but how about "The Smell of Fear"?

All The Computer Air-Fresheners
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Our two most popular...

Two Day Old Pizza Box
640x480  800x600  1024x768  1280x1024
Smells Like Teen Spirit
640x480  800x600  1024x768  1280x1024 the Computer Air-Freshener Prank on your friends and co-workers!




Stephen King is publishing his new 66 page novella only on the Web.  You can download and read the "book" on your computer for $2.50.  "Riding The Bullet" is a ghost story Stephen wrote shortly after his near fatal accident in the summer of 1999.  We've discovered that the book's subject was originally based on his near death experience.....

Stephen King's
Riding The Bumper

(640 x 480)
Stephen King's
Riding The Bumper

(800 x 600)



Lara Croft in Womb Raider  

It appears that when Lara Croft isn't busy finding lost treasure or killing bad guys in her popular game Tomb Raider she's been spending some quailty time with her man.

Lara Croft in Womb Raider
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We don't know what's stranger.  The fact that Jerry Falwell thinks a Teletubbie is gay or that people actually agree with him!   Jerry Falwell as the newest Teletubbie...

Jerry Fairy
(640 x 480 JPEG 47k)

Jerry Fairy
(800 x 600 JPEG 75k)

Jerry Fairy
(1024 x 768 JPEG 93k)



HAVANA, CUBA (AP) - Pope John Paul II visits the shrine
of the Patron Saint of Cuba, Ricky Ricardo. The painting of
Saint Ricky is enshrined in the basilica of Our Mother of
Bobbaloo Cathedral in central Havana.

Full screen photo in 640x480 or 800x600 format.


joe cool or joe cancer

The U.S. government is considering new laws restricting cigarette advertising. One tobacco company uses "Joe Camel" as their symbol. Here's what we think of old Joe...

Joe Camel, is he Joe Cancer?
(356 x 426 JPEG 34K)


It was the chess match that decided which (who?) was better man or machine! Well, not really, but it was a scary step in that direction. Here's a graphic we created for the first Kasparov vs. Deep Doo-Doo match back in 1996. Back then it was sponsored by the group CTO, which stands for "Computers Take Over". With the more recent results perhaps we are getting closer to CTO.

Kasparov vs. Deep Doo-Doo


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