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Last Updated Sunday, November 24, 2002

Heard any good dead lawyer jokes on the radio lately?



They trademarked  the "smell of fresh cut grass"



You really can buy anything on the 'net including the orignal penis pillow and casket furniture.



Trying to get the crab at Hooters



So you ask..."What kind of food does a Russian rock star who wears really tight leather pants eat when he's on tour?" I like tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, onions, herbs!




Have you ever seen an old movie where a character says "Keep you nose clean, kid."  In Switzerland they really do keep their noses clean. A nose cleaner????




Yes, a skull bowling ball
Perhaps its an effort to lure young folks who are into Goth or Vampires to the local bowling alley.  No joke folks, it's real.

A clear plastic bowling ball with a skull inside





Like Japanese food?  Ever try eating that green stuff called Wasabi?  Hot, Very hot.  Now you can get a unique snack food...

Spicy (Wasabi) Roased Green Peas




Little yellow bugs on a mans head

The High Tech way to shave your head



Scrambled eggs on a stick!

For a long time David Letterman had a running gag about a product called "Toast On A Stick" which was a toasted slice of bread on a wooden stick.  Now a company has expanded on the idea and has created meals on a stick.  Here's a news story about the new product, plus a link to the meals on a stick Web site.





....a guy who's changing his name from Dave Davidson to



madonna.jpg (2397 bytes)

"Madonna, are you a bold hussy-woman that feasts on men who are tops?"

Was something lost in the translation?




So does this mean you could just put it in the microwave oven and stop paying your sewer bills?

Or you could count it....
The North Carolina Poop Counter



Did somebody say it's Miller Time?



There is a big recall in the works for a children's CD-ROM from Panasonic called Secret Writer's Society that accidentally rattles off a string of obscenities.

Plus, Chase Manhattan Bank registered some potentially obscene domain names like:,,, and even



Hopefully you don't work for a "Computer component producer" that makes something small enough to smuggle out of the building.



A live Web camera showing us a coffee pot wasn't strange enough.   Now it's deformed frogs.


A Different Life?

Ever Wish You Had A Different Life?

"Excuse me, I think you may have dropped something there, um, between your, um, there on the front of your dress."

Hey, Hive Five This!

For sports fans who really should try to get out a little more often.

Strange Pizza

We always thought you were supposed to put the tomato sauce on top of the pizza slices.

musical note I Got Ants In My Pants and I Need a Hotel Suite musical note

The Godfather of Soul



Browser War!

Things are getting a little silly in the latest battle in the Browser War.

Things to do today...

Stop by the bank and put

 important papers in safety

 deposit box.  Don't forget to

 take out mumified pygmy!

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