Re: I Believe You guys are garbage

On this one I don't address their comments, just their subject line.  BTW, you may not know there is a popular rock group called "Garbage."

>Subject: Re: I Believe You guys are garbage

>At 01:45 PM 12/5/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I think you guys and your web site are all full of s***!!! You're all a
>bunch of m************* and I'll do everything in my power to ensure this
>garbage is taken off the web!!!!
>How dare you create such trash and bulls***. You are trash and bulls***
>and I'm not the only one who holds this opinion. You'll be hearing from us
>in the future real soon!

Thank you very much for your note. I do appreciate the fact that you have gotten my little rock group confused with the great group "Garbage." Even though me and the guys also are from Madison, Wisconsin, and our name is "The Hefty Tall Kitchen Bags",   we are not often mistaken for our idols "Garbage." We do cover a few of their songs in our bar gigs here around Madison.  Our song "Fix Me Now or Later" does sound like "Fix Me Now" and our "Chocolate Milk" is a homage to their "Milk."

Again great to hear from another "Garbage" fan and if you are ever in Madison be sure to check out the club scene we may be playing and I'd love to mosh with you. Thanks again for your note

Rock on!

Steve Kremer

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Re: I Believe You guys are garbage

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