MSNBC, does it stand for: MacintoSh & Netscape are Better for Cruising?

There once was a poor excuse for a television program on the MSNBC cable channel called The Site. It was a television show all about the Web with a companion Web site at As you'll read below, I was surprised at their choice of OS and browser. Ms. Moore was the Executive Producer of The Site, the Television program.

To: kathy_moore @ @ Inet
From: skremer @ (Steve Kremer) @ Inet
Date: 09/16/96 07:48:26 AM EDT
Subject: The Site, Friday

Dear Ms. Moore,

I enjoyed your show last Friday night (Sept. 13, 1996) but was puzzled by one thing so I thought I would write and ask.

At one point in the program Matthew and Soledad were reviewing Web Sites. As they "Cruised the 'Net" I noticed that the were using a Power Macintosh and Netscape Navigator to do their cruising.

I immediately recognized the Macintosh mouse he was using then realized the web browser was Netscape.

I am a regular viewer of MSNBC and usually it looks like they use those cool black Acer computers with Microsoft Explorer when they cruise the Web during the news.

Just wondering why you all were using a Mac. Was it perhaps a little Friday the 13th joke on your bosses at Microsoft?

How about this for an idea. With Halloween coming up you all could have a "Friday the 13th" movie theme show. Just like in the movie, you could have a "Jason" wearing a hockey mask with a big kitchen knife. You could have a scene where he slashes up a Macintosh running Netscape then takes off his hockey mask to reveal it's really Bill Gates! I bet you could even get Jamie Lee Curtis to reprise her role as the scared babysitter.

Please write back and let me know what you think of my show idea.

Thanks, and keep up the great work on The Site.

Steve Kremer

Date: Mon, 16 Sep 1996 09:21:59 -0400 (EDT)
From: Kathy Moore
Subject: Re: The Site, Friday
To: Steve Kremer
Cc: Kathy Moore

hi...thanks for writing. although we're on msnbc, we're a co-production of ziff-davis (world's largest publisher of computer magazines) and nbc news, and we're not under any obligation to use any specific computers or browsers or anything else. i come from cbs news, and the nbc philosophy is the same: anybody can use whatever equipment, etc. they would normally use...we do not dictate what computers, browsers, etc anybody uses. the site has a wide variety of people and computers, and everybody is free to do what she/he wishes. as for the friday the thirteenth, that's an interesting concept...i think you're being a little too kind to assume jamie lee curtis would be thrilled to reprise her role for us. thanks for the laugh, though, and please keep watching.

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