I do love Spiders

The e-mail below is from Cindy who was curious how she got on the (now defunct) mailing list.  Earlier in the e-mail she mentions that she had just  returned to school from a holiday visit to West Virginia. Plus note, her e-mail address is "Spyder".

At 03:59 AM 1/2/97 -0500, you wrote:
>The reason this is so strange is that no one has my new e-mail address
>(Spyderln@-domain withheld-) except a medical list. I attend Marshall
>University and use that address. I really hate to waste your time,
>but I really need to know how you got this e-mail address. If I was
>subscribed (by someone else submitting my address) I would appreciate
>any info you could give to me about this matter. I especially need to
>know the exact date , time and of course who submitted.

Hi Cindy,

I think you were subscribed to this list by sheer chance. I have a thing for spiders! I have 15 or 20 of them in a glass aquarium right here by my computer. I have been fascinated by spiders since I was a child. Have you seen my "World Wide Web Wanderer" desktop tattoo on the site? I just think spiders are cool. I have this really big brown tarantula that I sometimes bring to work and have sit on my shoulder. Sort of like Black Beard the pirate, but with a spider instead of a parrot. I do get some strange looks from my co-workers and did get "talked to" by my boss, but he stopped bugging me after I put my little friend in his middle desk drawer for a visit.

So to give my new newsletter a "good luck" boost I decided to e-mail it to all the variations of the "Spider" e-mail address I could dream up. Started with "" and worked my way down to "" and that's how you got your copy of the newsletter.

Or if you don't believe about the fact that I am a master computer hacker! I hacked into the Marshall University computer system and into that medical list you mentioned. Not only did I copy your e-mail address but I have your complete medical record right in front of me. Would you like to know the results of that pregnancy test?

Or then is possible someone else signed you up knowing that getting the Joke Wallpaper newsletter is almost as great as getting free money, or better yet...Free Beer. I could give you access to the full 51,529 e-mail addresses on the list, but since they are classified, I would have to kill you after you read them. But I will give you a peek at the e-mail addresses that were around your entry. If someone else did sign you it makes sense that their e-mail address is there also. I don't have the date and time that you were signed up..that would involve complicated CGI programming that is way beyond my abilities or patience. Here are the addresses...

(actual addresses withheld)

Please use this information wisely! If the address you are looking for is not here and you have a specific address you would like me to search send it to me. I will only charge you $750 per hour, the same consulting fee I charge the CIA for such work.

Thanks for your nice note. If you are heading back to Marshall, good luck this term. Thanks to your mention of West Virginia in your e-mail I now have "Take Me Home Country Roads" by John Denver floating around in my brain. The only song I know that mentions that state by name.

Yes, I am strange.

Have Fun
Steve Kremer

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I do love Spiders

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