I 'dis a Spammer

I decided to strike back at a spammer from Hong Kong.

At 08:21 AM 7/22/97 +0800, you wrote:
>Attention: Kremer, Steve
>   Re.:  The "momentum MEDIA" banner network
>Please excuse the intrusion.  This message is intended for
>webmasters, owners and managers of "serious" and "respectable"
>websites.  Our research indicates that this includes you.
>The "momentum MEDIA" banner network is designed to help thousands
>of website owners earn a regular monthly sponsorship income.
>     "momentum MEDIA"
>Hope you find it interesting.
>    Regards,
>     Anthony L Tobin

Hi Anthony,

Boy, did your research get my site wrong.  My site is anything but "serious" and "respectable".  I try my best to be "humorous" and "insulting".

But, like any good capitalist I would like to make money so, I did go to your site and check out your banner offer.  I only have one question:  Now that Hong Kong is be run by the Chinese Communists will you be paying your 2.5 cents per hit in US dollars or the Chinese Yuan?   Or better yet you could pay me with those little paper parasols that you find in fancy fruity mixed drinks.  As a child my first memories of the words "Hong Kong" was seeing the name on a label on the little paper umbrellas.  My father had taken the family out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate my mother's birthday. My mother ordered a "Mai Tai" and when her drink arrived it had the little umbrella.  My mother gave it to my brother.  I got to keep the little plastic sword toothpick that was stabbed thru the olive in my dad's martini.  Later, in the car on the way home, I got to have the umbrella after threatening my brother with the sword.  I told him I would cut off his nose and feed it to our dog.  Boy, four year old little brothers will believe anything.

So I have always loved those little paper umbrellas.   I try to get them whenever I go to a bar.  You can well imagine the strange looks I get when I order a beer and say "...and can you put one of those little paper umbrellas in it?"  So if you want to pay me in US dollars or paper umbrellas that would be just fine.

Steven M. Kremer
(aka Kremer, Steve)

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