AOL Dating and Denmark

This e-mail refers to the page The Top Ten Reasons AOL was Off-Line and the Advantages.

On that page one advantage listed is:

3. I won't be stood up this evening by yet another AOL date.

We received this form posting from Denmark.






Is internet so normal among american citizens that you refer to "yet another aol date"? This seems very strange to me. I live in Denmark, and It probably the contry with the mst I'net access in Europe, but we don't have anything like that, as far as I know.


Our response from our ace CGI Programmer Mike Keen...


Dear Durrin,

Yes actually "AOL Dating" has become very much a common part of life in the United States in the last couple of years. I have been meeting women through America Online for almost two years and it has changed my life. I met both my wife and my mistress in AOL chat rooms.

The main problem with romance through an AOL chat room is that sometimes people actually misrepresent themselves. The only thing you can be sure of when you are chatting with a person is that they are a person, and sometimes you may even question that. Their gender and physical description are often exaggerated.

An example would be my wife who I met through AOL chat. She said she was a single 38 year old associate physics professor named "Kathleen." After a 6 month online courtship we decided it was time to meet. Just before we met she admitted she had made up "a few little things" about herself. It turned out she was actually an unemployed 18 year old high school drop-out with two children. She says she considers herself divorced from her "old man" and "married" to me. Despite our nearly 15 year age differ ence I think it will work out. I am even trying new young things like watching MTV's "Road Rules" and learning "The Macarena" line dance.

I met my mistress in a "Men Only" Chat Room. I knew that many of the "men" in the room were actually women masquerading as men. So when I began chatting with "Stephen" I knew I was really chatting with a "Stephanie". After chatting and exchanging e-mails for two weeks I proposed a meeting. After my previous experience I didn't want to wait 6 months to find the truth. She suggested we meet at a bar called "The Leather Lounge".

I showed up at the appointed time and ordered a drink. The lounge was rather dark and the decor was lots of dark red leather and interesting Greek and Roman statues. With the level of air-conditioning there I was surprised my waiter was wearing only shorts and a bow-tie. He must have been cold.

Stephanie showed up shortly thereafter. She was very tall and as she walked in I could tell she having a little problem with her high-heels that day. We had a couple of drinks and talked about everything. She said she was still adjusting to her "new life." I was a little puzzled about that but I think she means her new life on-line. Her voice was kind of husky, I told her she sounded a little like Demi Moore. She was very feminine although her hands are rather large. I guess I can overlook that little flaw.

We made another date for next week. I am going over to her apartment to watch the video movie "The Crying Game". It's a movie I've never heard of but Stephanie tells me I look a lot like the star, this dashing IRA hit-man.

So Durrin you can see how AOL dating has improved my life. I used to be a shy computer programmer who rarely went out. But now I have a wonderful and exciting life thanks to America Online. God bless Steve Case and everyone there. I only hope for your sake they are planning to bring AOL to Denmark.

Mike Keen
CGI Programmer

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AOL Dating and Denmark


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